GABBY Thomas lets Leyla think that Liam has raped her next week in Emmerdale as she continues with her scheme to drive a wedge between the couple. 

Here’s the lowdown on Gabby’s unforgivable lie as well as everything else that’s happening in the Dales next week…

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1. Gabby tricks Leyla

Liam, who recently told Gabby to keep a distance from his girlfriend, fumes when she accepts the offer of a lunch date with Leyla. 

Later, Leyla walks in and interrupts an argument between Liam and Gabby and is immediately suspicious. 

Leyla asks to speak to Gabby in private, and asks her whether Liam has taken advantage of her. 

Leyla is stunned when Gabby doesn’t deny the accusations and later rages at Liam, accusing him of taking advantage of Gabby. 

2. Harriet and Will reunite

Harriet has a heart-to-heart with Dawn when she realises she’s sleeping with clients again.

Harriet tries to get Dawn to confide in her, but their conversation takes a nasty turn when Harriet mentions Malone. 

Billy passes by and notices Dawn’s distress, but Harriet tells him to leave them alone. 

Harriet later tells Will that she’s worried about Dawn. 

Will is grateful for her concern but leaves Harriet shocked when he suggests they go upstairs. 

Is all as it seems?

3. Al proposes to Priya

When Priya suggests that they get married, Al looks unsettled and tells her he’s not looking to rush into marriage again. 

Priya tries to pretend she’s not hurt by Al’s words but later explains what marriage means to her. 

She’s shocked when Al responds by proposing to her.

Does he really mean it?

Later, Al takes a suspicious call in private.

Ellis tells Al to sweep Priya off her feet with a better proposal so he sorts out a picnic and gets her a ring.

4. Al hides a dark secret

Later in the week, Billy fears the worst when he later sees Priya in full wedding planning mode. 

Meanwhile, Al tells Priya he has to go away for a few days on a work trip. 

What sinister secret is he hiding?

5. Dawn opens up to Billy 

Later in the week, Billy tries to speak to Dawn again and work out what’s going on. 

When Dawn admits she’s been sleeping with clients again, Billy tries to console her. 

Will Dawn confess to murdering Malone?

6. Jacob leaves the village

Jacob tells Leyla he’s going to Portugal to stay with his mum for six months.

His departure will allow Jacob actor Joe-Warren Plant to train and compete in Dancing On Ice 2021.

The 18-year-old is the second star to be joining the celebrity line up after singer and radio presenter Myleene Klass was revealed. 

7. Aaron apologises to Ben

Liv notices that Aaron is acting lonely and suggests he needs to apologise to Ben. 

Aaron is offended but later swallows his pride and does as Liv suggests, apologising for freaking out on their last date and being rude to Ben’s mate Tom.

Will the pair get back on track?

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