• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

‘Shame on you’ Dan Walker sparks uproar with Boris Johnson’s BBC Breakfast interview

Oct 5, 2021

BBC Breakfast: Walker grills Boris Johnson on supply chain issues

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Joining the Conservative Party conference on Tuesday, Dan Walker met with Boris Johnson to talk through the cuts to Universal Credit, living wages, the fuel shortage crisis and violence against women. However, the BBC Breakfast host was met with a backlash online with many viewers insisting he did not hold the Prime Minister to account.

Introducing Johnson, Walker began: “Delighted to say, as promised, we are joined by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, thank you for being with us today.

“We asked our viewers for questions for you yesterday lots coming in about the big subjects you are dealing with at the moment.”

It wasn’t long before viewers took to Twitter to express their anger over the interview.

Julian O’Neill wrote: “Boris Johnson invited on to #BBCBreakfast for nice, enjoyable natter. The country is a mess, and many people’s lives will be a misery over the coming months. I’d like to see a bit more challenging of the PMs nonsense.”

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Alistair Jones added: “Dan Walker – teachers wages have frozen. Boris Johnson – we have seen massive wage growth in the economy.

“@BBCBreakfast should challenge the PM, especially when he avoids the question (and, in fairness, Dan Walker tried, but Johnson repeatedly avoided the questions).”

 “@BBCBreakfast Ever wonder why you are the only breakfast broadcaster being given an interview? Let me explain you are a soft touch! Shame on you. Look at @STVKathryn for how it’s done,” Anne K said. 

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