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Sharon Osbourne makes subtle Love Island dig as she criticises millennials

Apr 26, 2022

Sharon Osbourne appeared to make a cheeky dig a Love Island while criticising millennials on her TalkTV show The Talk.

The 69-year-old presenter was back on the panel show alongside Jeremy Kyle, Tonia Buxton, JJ Anisiobi and Esther Krakue on Tuesday (April 26) evening.

During a debate on wether Millennials are "too entitled in the workplace", Mrs O didn't hold back on her thoughts.

"Working for it doesn't exist anymore," she claimed.

"They watch all the influencers and they see they can work from home and teach you how to makeup on and whats in fashion and all of this and they want some of it.

"Listen I don't blame them but only if life was so easy.

"They go on Love Island get the old kit off and think if they act like whatever it is 'I'll be rich and famous' and life isn't like that."

The Talk launched on Monday (April 25) evening and Sharon opened up about her recent face list.

She joked that she had to hold her nose in place "stop it falling off".

Sharon emphasised how much pain she was in when she had her "whole face done seven months ago".

She explained: "It was the most… as you get older, believe me, it gets worse, the pain. It was excruciatingly painful.

She then placed her hands over her nose and joked: "See, I’m holding my nose on so it doesn’t fall off".

Sharon also revealed how her family feel about her cosmetic procedures, admitting that neither her husband, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, nor their three children are fans.

"I do it for myself. My husband doesn’t like it and my kids really hate it. I do it for my own ego," Sharon told her co-hosts.

Sharon’s return to TV came following her exit from US show The Talk last year, when she was fired after becoming embroiled in a row about racism.

During her first episode of TalkTV’s The Talk, Sharon raved over how "attractive" she found Russian president Vladimir Putin when he was pictured riding a horse topless in 2009.

She said that, in her opinion, the politician – who is currently waging war in Ukraine with his Russian forces – "looked insane".

The Talk airs weeknights on TalkTV at 9pm

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