Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) received quite the shock in Coronation Street tonight (January 4), as Arthur Medwin (Paul Copely) asked her to move to Canada with him.

Evelyn was left crushed when she learned that beau Arthur had lied about his wife, and thus cut ties with him.

However, he returned to the cobbles last week, and issued her with a late Christmas present.

In tonight’s double-bill, she bumped into Arthur on more than one occasion, and — after seeing him leave the flower shop with a bunch of flowers in hand — she yelled at him, as she believed the flowers in question were for her.

Little did she know they were for his wife Beryl, whose funeral service was being held.

When Evelyn learned the truth, she was horrified, and proceeded to invite Arthur round to her’s for tea. She apologised for speaking to him in such a harsh fashion, but enquired as to why he never told her about Beryl’s passing.

Arthur didn’t exactly answer the question, but he revealed that he’s intent on moving to Canada — and he’ll be leaving the following day!

Evelyn was shocked by his revelation, but the biggest shock was yet to come, as he invited her to join him on his trip!

Will Evelyn leave the cobbles and thus start a new life in Canada?


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