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'Southern Charm': Why Shep Rose Named His Puppy After This Cast Member

Jul 8, 2019

Southern Charm is a hotbed for romance and drama, and Season 6 has been delivering. Kathryn Dennis continues to reel from Thomas Ravenel’s attacks in their custody battle, Craig Conover is dealing with Naomie Olindo’s new love, and Shep Rose got a puppy. And named it after Craig. It’s puppy love. But why name him Craig? And let’s be real, is Shep Rose really responsible enough to take care of a puppy on his own? 

A bromance with ups and downs

Southern Charm’s Craig Conover and Shep Rose have a bromance for the ages, but it’s not without its ups and downs — and for a while during Season 6, some fans thought it might have it a major down. Then again, these two are known to butt heads. 

Rose and Conover fell out during a trip the guys took to help Austen Kroll get over his breakup. Whitney Sudler-Smith and Shep Rose organized what they called “the roast of Craig Conover, and it didn’t seem to go over particularly well. Pair that with the recent gossiping the guys have been doing behind each other’s backs, and it’s easy to see how they ended up angry at each other.

In one episode, Conover and Kroll step out from a dinner with Sudler-Smith and Rose to talk about each other. “He’s mean,” Craig said of Rose. “They put other people down to make themselves feel better and that’s sad.”

Meanwhile, Rose tells Sudler-Smith that Conover has no class, and a sense of entitlement even though he has “nothing going on.” He goes on to clarify that he’s not mad at Conover, because he’s impossible to stay mad at. 

However, Rose and Conover remained friends — it seems the two always manage to mend whatever arguments they’ve had after the fact. That’s what friends do, after all. 

Why name the puppy Craig?

Shep Rose decided to name his new French bulldog Little Craig. But surely, it comes from a place of love, right? Rose told Decider the name is, “An homage and sort of a jab at [human] Craig, because I already own one Craig, and so now I can own two.”

Rose says there are more similarities to behold. “It seems like Craig the puppy might just be like Craig the human. Craig sleeps a lot, he gets excited easily,” joked Rose. After spending $477.53  picking up sundries for his new pup, he quipped, “Now two Craigs cost me money.”

In a Southern Charm After Show interview, we see Rose chasing the dog around the house, occasionally yelling things such as, “Goddammit Craig!” Rose said, “It just felt natural for me to yell the word Craig across my house or lawn.”

“It gets confusing,” added Conover.

Is Shep responsible enough?

Some Southern Charm fans may have been worried that Shep Rose doesn’t have what it takes to raise a dog — he’s a party guy, after all. But have no fear, Rose seems to have stepped up to the plate — with the help of others.

“It’s definitely a level of responsibility, there’s no getting around it,” said Craig to Decider. “I can’t necessarily disappear for hours on end which is fine, being tied to [home] is a good thing. I’ve been to every party you could ever imagine everywhere and I’ve had a hell of a time and I want to continue to have fun, but it’s cool having him.”

That being said, Rose isn’t the only one taking care of Little Craig. “The whole community has rallied around Craig. It does take a village, apparently. My friend Tony, he’s been a big help, it’s like both of ours honestly, we’re co-parents. My two dads!” joked Rose. 

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