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Spider-Man Far From Home: Tom Holland reveals WHEN he will leave MCU, biggest Endgame fear

Jun 26, 2019

In just a few days the entire first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will end. Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed that Far From Home brings the whole saga to a close before Phase Four ushers in a new era. The death of Iron Man hammered the point home, although there are plenty of rumours and theories that he might still feature in Spider-Man 2 and beyond, perhaps as the voice of Peter Parker’s suit, or the Stark AI system. Holland, himself, revealed his greatest fear after Infinity War and why his new movie is the perfect “love note” to Tony.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes, Holland and co-star Zendaya (who plays love interest MJ) were asked how they felt watching Spider-Man turning to dust in Avengers 3.

Zendaya said: “I was emotional about the whole situation… but a little worried about my job.”

Holland admitted: “I was like, ‘Oh that’s really cool… but I come back, right? I’m not actually dying?”

It’s understandable, considering the reports that the Marvel Phase 4 will start to focus on new characters and “shelve” some of the most important heroes.

On the subject of how long he would like to keep playing Peter Parker, Holland had no hesitations.

He said: “I honestly would play Spider-Man until I can’t walk anymore. I love this character so much and it was my childhood dream to play this character.

“I’m loving it and really enjoying it and what we can do with this movie and the people we can touch and the amazing things we can do with the platform this movie gives us.”

He also movingly talked about how Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr are so much a part of this latest film.

Holland spoke about filming Iron Man’s final scenes: “It was pretty tough. We’ve all grown up with Robert playing Iron Man. He’s such an iconic character and everyone has looked up to him.

“I think you could argue that his character has had the most incredible arc from Iron Man 1 to Endgame maybe in cinema history.

“We said goodbye to someone we all love and we will miss him. This film is kinda like a token of our love to what Robert Downey Jr created. It’s a nice love note to Iron Man.”



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