Liam Donovan’s (Jude Monk McGowan) revenge well and truly spiralled out of control in Hollyoaks, but it was ultimately the young man himself who paid the price, as he fell to his death during horrifying scenes in tonight’s episode.

Liam orchestrated a devilish dinner party, and the guests of honour were those whom he held responsible for ruining his life.

Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), James (Gregory Finnegan), Grace (Tamara Wall) and Maxine (Nikki Sanderson) watched in terror as Liam threatened them all, but — following a distraction provided by none other than Warren (Jamie Lomas) — they managed to escape, but not before Grace released her brother from her grip, resulting in him falling to his death.

The events of tonight’s episode will no doubt continue to have a ripple effect for all those involved, and so here are the biggest questions we’re left with.

Is Liam dead?

Given that it’s a serial drama — and death can often lead to life etc — it’s pretty much guaranteed that some people will be enquiring as to whether the devilish Donovan is actually dead.

However, the finality of the scene — not to mention Liam’s journey onto a path of no return — certainly seem to indicate that this is the last we’ve seen of the unhinged character.

Will Grace suffer the consequences?

While Liam got himself into the predicament, it was ultimately Grace’s decision to release him — both physically and metaphorically — that led to him crashing down the stairs of The Dog’s cellar.

As a result, one can’t help but wonder if Grace will pay the price and be arrested as a result?

Mercedes saw the whole thing unfold, so will she keep quiet?

Will Mercedes take action against Grace and James?

Of course, the biggest development in this instalment — bar Liam’s demise, obvs — is the fact that Mercedes finally discovered the identity of the people who shot her, as Liam revealed it was, in fact, Grace and James who jointly pulled the trigger.

Having desired this knowledge for sometime, Mercedes finally has the truth, so will she turn her shooters in?

She’s struck up something of a friendship — we use that word loosely — with James in recent episodes after he succeeded in getting Warren off the hook with the police, but is this enough to forgive him for shooting her?

What’s more, Grace saved her from Liam’s murderous hands, so perhaps she’ll ultimately let bygones be bygones?

Will Grace come to regret her actions?

While Grace acted very much in the heat of the moment, one can’t help but wonder if she’ll come to regret her decision to let Liam fall to his death.

He was her only remaining family, and — in spite of the circumstances which led to it — being responsible for his death is no doubt going to be something that will haunt her.

Is this the end for Sylver and Grace?

Sylver and Grace certainly made a great team, but the revelation that it was Grace who shot Mercedes was evidently a tough pill for Sylver to swallow — and one that he seemed unwilling to forgive.

Is this truly the end for them before its even begun?

How will this affect Courtney and Iona?

Courtney has only just begun to comprehend what life is without her beloved Jesse (Luke Jerdy) by her side, so losing the other Donovan man in her life is no doubt going to be hard for her to come to terms with.

Then of course there’s Iona, who also just lost Jesse, and now she’s lost her other dad too.

It’s going to be a tough road ahead for them, that’s for sure.

Is this the end for John Paul and James?

John Paul’s (James Sutton) romance with James has barely got off the ground, but the chemistry — not to mention affection — between the two was enough to suggest that — in spite of all the odds — they might be strong enough to make it.

However, there’s no-one on this earth that James loves more than his sister, and knowing that his beau was responsible for nearly taking her life might be an obstacle that simply too great for them to overcome.

Hollyoaks continues Tuesday 24 March at 7pm on E4.

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