Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) has kept shtum about the fact that she’s well aware of beau Adam Bateman’s (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) cheating ways in EastEnders, but she has enough of his infidelity, and decides to take a well-earned stand during the next episode.

With Adam having repeatedly cheated on her with Habiba (Rukku Nahar), Honey was heartbroken, but nonetheless she kept quiet about everything that had happened, and hoped that — with his affair at an end — he would remain faithful. However, that simply hasn’t been the case, as the dentist has continued to cheat on her.

Iqra (Priya Davdra) knows full well what Adam’s up to after she stumbled upon some of his cheating texts, and in the coming episodes, we know that the dentist tries to cover up his lies once more.

However, his lies end up being his undoing, as Iqra enquires about Sally — his secretary — and Honey’s suspicions are confirmed, as Adam doesn’t have a secretary.

With the ‘Ball and Change’ quiz well underway in The Queen Vic, Honey questions Adam, but he attempts to deflect.

However, she’s had enough, and thus takes matters — and the microphone — into her own hands, and seemingly gets revenge as a result.

New pictures reveal an emotional Honey on-stage during the ‘Ball and Change’ quiz, which could suggest she humiliates him and reveals his antics for all to hear.

We know that actor Stephen is set to depart, so could Honey’s revenge prove to be the reason Adam leaves Walford?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday 3rd December at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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