Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) carried out another assault on son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) in Emmerdale tonight (January 18).

With Vinny having overheard Paul making a bet during the previous episode, tensions were running high between the father and son duo.

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) could sense that something was troubling Vinny, and in spite of Paul’s attempts to talk him round, the young lad was in an unforgiving mood.

However, they both got quite the shock when they entered the Woolpack to find themselves in the middle of a Grease-inspired proposal, as Mandy (Lisa Riley) popped the question to Paul.

Paul ultimately agreed to marry Mandy, much to Vinny’s dismay.

Desperate to talk his son round, Paul took Vinny outside the pub, and informed him that he will tell Mandy about his gambling, but not yet.

Vinny didn’t hold back, berating his dad for accepting Mandy’s proposal, before insinuating that he was lying about his epilepsy.

Paul saw red, and ultimately lashed out — chasing Vinny, before throwing pieces of garden furniture in the young lad’s direction.

With Vinny on the floor, the older man didn’t hold back, as he approached his son and delivered two thunderous kicks into his back — leaving poor Vinny writhing in agony.

Paul has evidently gone too far this time.

Vinny was evidently crushed by what his dad had done, but will he tell Mandy the truth?

Emmerdale continues Tuesday January 19 at 7pm on ITV.


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