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Squid Game: Could players survive the Marble game? Fans discover loophole

Oct 27, 2021

Squid Game official trailer from Netflix

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Squid Game sees cash-strapped players fight for survival in a series of increasingly disturbing childlike games. Game four, aka the marble game, is one of the most emotional, as friends and lovers pair up only to be tricked into playing against each other. Once again, the player count is halved by the end of the game, but Netflix streamers believe there was a way this could have been avoided.

Could players survive the marble game?

Before each and every game commences, the rules are laid out for the players and viewers in detail.

This was first seen during game one, Red Light, Green Light, when the initial concept of the waking nightmare was unfolded in front of all 456 players.

However, fans have noticed that despite the immense planning and sophistication of the games, the rules are consistently vague.

This has led some to believe that the rules have been left open to interpretation for a reason, one which tests the player’s morals and survival sense.

The rules of game four are very simple, each player is given a small sack that contains 10 marbles.

The aim of the game is to get the other player’s 10 marbles, though they can not be obtained through violence.

In pairs, the players quickly square off against one another, coming up with unique and classic marble games to obtain the other’s 10.

However, as the rules state, the players only need the other’s 10 marbles, it doesn’t say they need all 20 marbles to win.

This important but subtle clue has led one fan to post their thoughts on Reddit, going into detail on the significance of the loophole.

User throwawayyorisit69 wrote: “Here’s why I think that technically, everyone could have survived the marble game and why I think the true reason for this game wasn’t to watch contestants playing marbles, but to watch whether they pick self-preservation or whether they think far enough to save themselves and their partner.

“The games are planned out in great detail and I think it’s highly unlikely/near impossible that the vagueness of the rules are accidental. Some people mentioned that arguing about loopholes would probably just get you shot, but I disagree and believe any loopholes to be intentional.

“The most obvious solution isn’t always the right one; thinking outside the box can help increase your chance of survival.”

The user then uses the example of game two, honeycomb, where the players were provided with a needle to help them win.

However, as Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) discovers through the use of this tongue, the needle was nothing more than a red-herring.

Back to the marble game, no specific game rules are given, in fact, players can make their own and even choose whatever game they like.

Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su) even gave a major hint to Gi-hun about the rules of the game.

They say they are “gganbu”, which is all about sharing, which the Reddit user suggests was a hint by Il-nam that they should have shared each other’s marbles to survive, rather than compete for 20.

As viewers will know, Il-nam was later revealed to be the architect behind the games, meaning he would have insider knowledge on how best to beat them.

This theory would suggest that the aim of the games was actually for the players to help one another, rather than complete for selfish survival.

Squid Game is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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