Star Trek: Discovery stars Sonequa Martin-Green in teaser

The latest entry in the Star Trek universe aired its third season on CBS All Access last year, with new episodes also coming to Netflix. Discovery will, of course, be returning for a fourth instalment at some point, but it will sadly be without one of the show’s biggest names, Michelle Yeoh.

Michael Burnham herself, Sonequa Martin-Green, has revealed one of the hardest parts of the latest season was saying goodbye to her co-star, iconic Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh.

The popular star first joined the cast in season one as Philippa Georgiou, the captain of the USS Shenzhou.

However, as the sci-fi serial’s mind-bending story unfolded, Captain Georgiou was killed, only to be replaced by her alter-ego from the Mirror Universe, the feared empress of the Terran Empire.

During a panel dissecting the finale of Discovery’s third season, Star Trek’s newest starship captain detailed her personal connection to Yeoh, which has only grown over the course of the series.

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She told Deadline: “I love Michelle Yeoh so much. She is literally the most graceful living legend you’ll ever meet.

“So much of Star Trek Discovery for me, Sonequa, is her, and includes her. Being able to start this journey with her, it meant so much to me because I looked to her quite a bit.”

Star Trek has attracted a number of A-List stars to its roster over the years, and fans were thrilled to see the internationally acclaimed Michelle Yeoh join the cast of the new series.

Perhaps best known for her role in wuxia action film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yeoh has also appeared in Crazy Rich Asians and Memoirs of a Geisha, and has also landed roles in the James Bond and Marvel franchises.

Unfortunately, season three saw the end of Yeoh’s tenure on Discovery, as Empress Georgiou began to experience deterioration after a jump into the future, and decided to return back in time where she has a better chance to survive.

Martin-Green continued: “I learned a lot from being close to her. Her and I were super close super fast. It was super easy.

“And it was a hit. It always is when you get so close with these people, the people who you’re blessed to tell this story with. That’s the hardest part, when they leave.”

Thankfully, ardent Trekkies were pleased to learn Michelle Yeoh’s time as Phillipa Georgiou is far from over, as she’ll soon be heading her own spin-off, Section 31.

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Still, since her shocking death right at the beginning of Discovery’s first season and her subsequent return, Yeoh’s complex role has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of the latest Star Trek revamp.

Martin-Green admitted: “Although we’ll always have what we have, and the mark she made on the show will never be erased, I don’t know when I’ll see her again.

“So, it was really hard. It hit me hard. And I also believe there will be a gaping hole that she leaves behind, because she is such a force of nature, this woman.”

The star also recalled some of the best moments with Yeoh during production for the latest season, including Burnham and Georgiou’s bittersweet farewell.

She went on: “The actual shooting of her departure, it couldn’t have been better. We began on those breathtakingly gorgeous desserts of Jordan.

“We felt like it was the perfect end, because it was her and I again, huddled together with the elements telling this story together that we both had so much passion for.

“It was rough for her as well, but we stayed present and we were just with each other. So it goes down in the books.”

CBS All Access officially ordered a fourth season back in October but, thanks to COVID delays, it may be some time before fans find out how Michael Burnham deals with the pressures of being captain.

Star Trek Discovery season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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