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Strictly mole insists he is providing a service after BBC leaks

Oct 19, 2022

Strictly Come Dancing releases trailer for new series

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For the last couple of weeks, David Thorp has been leaking the results as to who leaves Strictly Come Dancing before the Sunday results show has aired. The results show format changed in 2008 after former presenter, the last Bruce Forsyth, was struggling to do two nights in a row. BBC bosses have clapped back at claims that the Sunday show should be live, explaining it would “cost too much”.

Now, David has explained the reason behind why he leaks the results beforehand, whilst blaming BBC for the leaks.

Since the latest series kicked off in September, David has been revealing the identities of the axed pairing on his website to his 55,000 viewers.

The audience members that are allowed into Elstree Studios to watch the performances live are sworn to secrecy and have their phones taken from them.

However, keeping the secret from the public for 24 hours isn’t something that David agrees with as he recently told Daily Mail: “‘I’m just providing a service.

“And [I] am not spoiling anyone’s enjoyment. I don’t put the results for everyone to see and they have to search for my site to find out the results.

“There is an appetite from people who want to know the results before Sunday. It could be argued that the BBC is to blame for recording something which is of massive interest the day before.”

Since Kaye Adams and partner Kai Widdrington were booted from the series after week two, bosses have been on the hunt for the “mole”.

David explained that he doesn’t have one “source” when it comes to finding out who has left and admits that the information comes from various audience members.

He said: “I find out the result by audience members there on the night contacting me or from the other Strictly spoiler sites around.”

“People would contact me, and I would direct message them the results but so many people began asking I had to put it on a website I was operating.

“It just got bigger and bigger, and I have around 400,000 people viewing the website each week. I send out a link on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and people have to actively click on the link.

“I don’t just post it for everyone to see. Only the ones who want to know the results earlier go on to it,” he said defending his actions.

Despite the continuous leaks, Strictly bosses have continued to film the results show on a Saturday night as airing two nights in a row would be costly.

They have urged fans to avoid searching for the result online, with a source telling The Sun: “Some people have said the BBC should consider filming two live shows.

“One on Saturday and one on Sunday – but doing that would cost huge amounts of money. Others have suggested that the results show should air directly after the main show, but that denies fans the chance of two helpings of their favourite programme over consecutive nights.

“The lesser of the evils is simply to ignore any online chatter about who is in the dance-off and who has been sent home. Or just ignore social media as much as possible.

“If they take any more radical action then the spoilsport in question has gained some kind of response to their selfish and mean behaviour.”

Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton Du Beke has recently pleaded with the mole to “please stop” leaking the results beforehand.

Appearing on Loose Women on Tuesday afternoon, he expressed: “Please stop whoever you are, don’t do it, why would you do it?

“You know, knowledge is power and all that sort of stuff, everyone has an agreement that we won’t say anything.

“But they call you a spoiler for a reason because you spoil it, so don’t do it.”

Express.co.uk has contacted the BBC for a comment.

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturday from 6:30pm on BBC One, followed by the results show on Sunday.

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