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Teen Mom fans shocked as Chelsea Houska shows off dramatic makeover in rare ‘makeup free’ Instagram photo | The Sun

Jun 16, 2022

TEEN Mom fans are aghast after Chelsea Houska debuted a dramatic makeover in a rare photo sans makeup on Instagram.

The reality star has been known to take her looks over the top, tanning to the extreme, sporting large lashes, and changing her hair in big ways.

Chelsea, 30, set fans' tongues wagging as she shared a rare selfie sans makeup – at least, partially.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories with half her face appearing made up, including a large false lash, and half her face seemingly natural.

She appeared to be promoting the lashes on Instagram, giving fans a code to score a steep discount.

Fans rarely see the mom of four without her glam, so naturally, they had a lot to say about the look.

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Commenters wasted no time sounding off on Reddit about both Chelsea's large lashes and her more natural look.

Some comments were positive, while others ripped the former Teen Mom star.

"Wayyyy prettier without those tacky lashes," one user wrote.

Another chimed in: "I wish she didn't put so much s**t on her face. She's one of the naturally prettier cast members."

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"She’s so much prettier without all the extras," a third fan wrote.

Someone else responded, "Yeah the side of her face without the falsies looks so much more youthful and lively. They just weigh down her whole face and make it look sort of droopy somehow."

Fans have had lots to say about Chelsea's looks as of late.


Chelsea recently sparked claims that she altered some of her Instagram photos after a fan compared multiple pics of the star.

A Reddit user posted side-by-side shots of Chelsea – one that the reality star was tagged in, while the second was a photo that she shared.

Fans sounded off in the comments after noticing the HGTV star's seemingly thinner waist in the second snap, despite modeling similar styles.

"I'm sad that she feels the need to do so much editing," one person wrote.

"Her tagged pic looks so much better. Like WTH Chelsea? U don't need photo shop! She was always the prettiest to me and I think the best mom," another remarked.

Last year Chelsea admitted getting “clear braces” as she took to her Instagram Story to share a video of herself at the dentist.

She began: “We’re giving the clear braces another shot.

“But in my defense, I didn’t wear them because I was filming before and people were making fun of how I talked.”

The 16 & Pregnant alum added: “So it’s not my fault.”

She continued to document her trip to the dentist, as she shared a clip of herself wearing a dental retractor and later shut down rumors that her father, who is also her dentist, never gave her lip injections.

Chelsea's teeth aren't all that has people buzzing as of late.


Late last month, the MTV alum appeared to suffer a major appearance mishap with her spray tan going orange during an outing with her gal pals.

The South Dakota native has repeatedly been accused of blackfishing, or attempting to appear a race other than her own, due to her tanning habits.

Last month, the reality star shared photos alongside three friends during Memorial Day Weekend, as they enjoyed a girl's day.

The TV personality sported a black off-the-shoulder top, jean shorts, tan booties, and a matching tan satchel bag with a cowgirl hat.

In a second photo, Chelsea posed for a more close-up shot as she celebrated the holiday at a local bar.

Fans, however, were more focused on her intense spray tan, as they took to Reddit to slam her for overdoing the "orange."

"The fringe bandanas, the boots, the hats and the fake tans… enough already. It is silly and you look ridiculous," one mocked.

"It's amazing that after all these years chelsea still can't manage to apply her tanner correctly," a second agreed.

A third put shortly, " Holy orange," while a fourth complained, "Way too much cheap bronzing lotion."

"I can smell it through my screen!" another remarked.

"Chelsea needs to give up the spray tan or whatever kind of tan she does. Her legs look terrible. Who even tans like that anymore? I like my pale ghost skin just fine," a final ranted.

Chelsea has faced criticism for years as fans have accused her of "blackfishing" with her fake tanner and incessant use of photo filters.

Fans often speculate that the TV mom has had significant work done, though she has been tight-lipped about that.


Last month she blew fans away, posting a series of photos that appeared to feature a whole new face.

The slideshow kickstarted with the Teen Mom 2 alum wearing a black sweatshirt with a shoulder cut-out and ripped denim shorts.  

The former MTV star showed off the tattoos on her arms as she picked out a sleeveless gray shirt.

Chelsea then modeled in a black leather jacket and ripped blue jeans.

She also tried on white jeans that were also ripped at the ankles. 

Chelsea captioned the post: "Sundays are for shopping."

Teen Mom fans on Reddit slammed Chelsea's "scary" appearance.

One critic said: "What happened to your face? It seems that she is melting."

Another added: "You don't even look like yourself anymore. Wow."

A third mentioned: "Her face is going to get stuck like that."

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While another claimed: "Her face is just so weird looking now."

A commentator chimed in: "I am a Chelsea fan. But this is not a good look. Her face just looks so off."  

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