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The Witcher season 2 viewers left blushing as Yennefer strips topless for steamy scenes

Dec 20, 2021

THE Witcher is back for its second season and fans are already experiencing red-faced moments.

The Netflix show returned only last week, with Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra both back on our screens in their roles as Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Whilst muscular hunk Henry, 38, has us all bewitched with his icy blonde hair and huge arms in the series, it's actually stunning actress Anya, 25, that's had everyone talking.

After a two-year wait for the latest instalment of the series, fans were gagging for their latest fix of the fantasy drama, which promised plenty of fighting, incredible creatures and some raunchy moments.

Season one gave us plenty of sex scenes, but it's Yennefer's topless shots which have fans excited this time around.

Fans have claimed the boobs were a "deciding factor" in them streaming the show, with plenty rushing to Twitter to air their thoughts.

One fan joked: "If people are still on the fence about The Witcher on Netflix, there are boobs in it".

Another wrote: "The Witcher and Yennifers boobs are back!!"

It wasn't just the boobs which had viewers excited, with one pointing out: "I'm watching s2 of The Witcher and dang it I forgot about the whole load of boobs and asses please help".

Highlighting that it is episode three that everyone should be tuning into, another fan Tweeted: "the witcher season 2 episode 3: can’t stop looking at yennefer’s boobs, respectfully".

However, Yennefer's nudity has also prompted a backlash from fans, with some calling the imbalance in Anya and Henry's nude scenes "sexist".

One fan questioned: "The Witcher is sexist! Saw naked boobs but no naked Henry Cavill butt. Just sayin’"

Another fan even raised that this seemed to be an issue in the first season too, writing: "Rewatching the Witcher before the second season comes out and I’m so confused about the amount of boobs this show has…

"Like why did Yennefer have to be naked so much it wasn’t even relevant to the plot".

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