THIS Morning's Dr Zoe Williams has shared the first pic of her baby son and revealed his quirky name chosen "before he was conceived."

Zoe, 41, gave birth to Lisbon Lion Williams-McKay on 31 May weighing 8lb, at her South London home with her partner Stuart McKay.

Zoe told of her extraordinary birth -when her son arrived before the midwife did when she and Stuart, 40, were in the birthing pool.

She told Hello! magazine: "I had planned on a home birth, but as it turned out, there wasn't much choice because he came quite quickly."

She added: "It was a beautiful moment when Stuart and I were facing each other in the [birthing] pool, we looked down and he was there in the water.

I picked him up and we had five minutes where we held him, before even checking if he was a girl or boy."

She opened up about the special meaning behind their son's name.

It's a tribute to their own love story, which began when they met at a bar in Lisbon, Portugal 20 months ago.

Zoe said: "We had picked out the name Lisbon very early in our relationship, before he was even conceived."

Zoe praised her This Morning family and said she hoped to return soon.

She also revealed that host Holly Willoughby guessed the sex of her baby before he wasborn.

"Holly has this technique where she feels the side of your waist and she can tell if you're having a boy or a girl.

When I was pregnant, she was certain I was having a boy."


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