TIPPING Point viewers were left fuming after a contestant believed Anne Frank was a fictional character.

During the game show, presenter Ben Shephard quizzed contestants Steph and Pete a series of questions.

Although it was teacher Steph's answer to a history related question that really got viewers back up.

Ben asked: "In a classic novel by Johanna Spyri, what is the name of the orphan sent to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps?"

Steph debated her answer before guessing Anne Frank, and even suggested to pass it over to competitor Pete.

The moment left fans reeling.

One viewer fumed: "#tippingpoint So Steph is a teacher and she thinks Anne Frank is a made-up character in a book. Says a lot about the state of the education system in this country."

Another commented: "How can someone whose job is to teach children, doesn't know about Anne Frank and thinks she is a fictional character in a book? Seriously, how is that even possible?"

A third said: "Anne Frank might be the stupidest answer ever given #tippingpoint".

While another claimed Steph's answer left them speechless, saying: "I actually am at a loss of words. How can someone who's job is to teach children, not know about Anne Frank and think she is a fictional character in a book…?"

Following Steph's almighty blunder, Pete jumped in and guessed the correct answer, saying: "I can think of Heidi.".

Steph later confessed: "I knew that was wrong, I couldn't think of anybody else."

Earlier this year, host Ben announced he was stepping down as presenter of Goals On Sunday after nine years in a bid to scale back on work.

He told The Mirror: "Now they’re teenagers, Sam is taller than me and Jack is not far behind, which I’m trying to come to terms with. They’re consumed by schoolwork all week, the weekend is the only time I can spend with them."

He added: "What tends to happen is that after doing the breakfast show on Thursdays and ­Fridays, Saturday comes and I’m shattered."

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