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‘Too many soundbites’ Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen hits out at rival farming shows

Dec 9, 2021

Amanda Owen opens up about ‘awkwardness’ of meeting farmers

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Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, 47, has opened up about her worries when it comes to the environment. The mother of nine has recently featured on the BBC’s Winter Walk’s programme, where fans at home saw the TV star crossing hills and fields through Wensleydale and Raydale. Earlier this week, the Our Yorkshire Farm star spoke to Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio and expressed her concerns surrounding the countryside and the dangers of misinformation on TV.

Amanda emphasised that people must do more research on issues concerning the environment. 

She said: “You can’t read two sentences in a newspaper and in any way understand it.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess gave an example of how misleading information could potentially harm the environment.

She remarked: “The immediate reaction might be, ’Well, on that walk, you took on the BBC Winter Walks programme, there were no trees.’”

“‘Surely that has got to be bad, we need more trees, that is the answer’,” the author continued.

The TV presenter exclaimed: “It absolutely isn’t!” 

She added: “A tree in the wrong place can actually do much more damage to the environment.” 

Amanda went on to discuss the perks of her Channel 5 show by pointing out how “people can relax into it”, while also informing viewers on the farming industry.

She claimed Channel 5 audiences could “delve a little bit deeper if they want to” with Our Yorkshire Farm before taking aim at other shows on the air by claiming “too many people [are] just taking soundbites”.

There was one other show Amanda praised, however as she continued to Times Radio listeners: “Also, like Clarkson’s Farm, I haven’t actually personally watched the programme because I don’t watch much television.”

The star explained: “It’s an incredibly good programme because it is getting a message out there.”

Viewers at home saw how former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson, attempted to run a farm in the countryside while contending with the worst farming weather in decades.

Amanda candidly said: “In a gentler way, I suppose through comedy, it doesn’t matter how the message gets out there as to the difficulties that we are facing.”

Mariella pointed out: “But I suppose neither you nor Jeremy Clarkson need to live off the land.”

She continued: “I wonder how difficult it would be for you to live off your farm were you not in the public eye.

“Doing these television jobs and writing books and being as industrious and as brilliant as you’ve been,” the host added.

Amanda confessed: “It would be nearly impossible and that’s the hard fact. As times have changed the emphasis is changing on what the countryside can give us.” 

Amanda also opened up about going without power on Ravenseat Farm for four days when Storm Arwen battered the UK.

She said: “Four days without power isn’t ideal but it gives you a new sense of appreciation of the humble lightbulb.”

Storm Arwen left more than 150,000 homes in Britain without power and continues to be disruptive.

Some homes are now being hit by Storm Barra which has not been as severe as Storm Arwen but did make itself felt across the UK and Ireland.

The full interview with Amanda can be heard on Times Radio’s website.

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