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TV star gets incredible makeover from Drag Race's Bimini – but can you guess who?

Jun 4, 2021

ONE of our favourite TV stars got an incredible makeover from Drag Race's Bimini – but can you guess who it is?

The drag queen was on Capital Breakfast this morning talking about the importance of Pride Month and got to transform one of the presenters live on air.

Can you still not figure out who it is?

Bimini Bon-Boulash, also known as Bimini, got to give none other than Roman Kemp a HUGE makeover.

The I'm A Celebrity star had an "incredible glow-up" and was even given a new stage name – Ro-ManEater.

He rocked a glittery disco cheerleader outfit, long false nails and an amazing light blue wig for the look.

The transformation was documented throughout the whole show this morning and Roman also spoke to superstar Calvin Harris on FaceTime.

The singer was a fan of the new look and told Roman: "You’re looking fantastic."

Roman's co-presenter Sonny Jay was also keen, telling listeners: "How amazing does Ro-ManEater look? I’m obsessed, I can’t take my eyes off you.”

And he even made Bimini worry about her future as a drag queen, as she joked: "I’m just a bit worried because I think Ro-ManEater’s going to come for my gigs!”

Fans flocked to the Twitter to share their love over his transformation.

One wrote: "Ro-ManEater you slaaayyy gurrrl!! Shantay, you stay @romankemp! Love this!"

Another said: "Roman please be a drag Queen."

A third tweeted: "@romankemp u look absolutely beautiful #RomanEater."

A fourth chimed in: "Just what I needed on a Friday morning! Love it."

Bimini – which is the stage name of 28-year-old Tommy Hibbitts – shot to fame on the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race in 2010.

The drag queen, who boasts 850k on Instagram, was a firm favourite of the series and managed to place second in the competition.

The next four weeks mark Pride Month and Bimini wanted to highlight how important it is to celebrate in society.

She told Roman, Sonny and Sian Welby: “I think Pride is about just being able to accept yourself.

"And it’s fine for people that just haven’t reached there yet.

"If you’re listening and you feel that you’re not ready to come out, you’re a bit afraid of that, know that there is no destination to get to.

"You’ve got to take things slow, do it for yourself, and ultimately Pride is about coming together as a community and just celebrating who we are and the diversity, and celebrating ourselves for being ourselves.”

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