Before the “Twilight” books became international bestsellers and inspired five movies, they were just figments of Stephenie Meyer’s imagination. Meyer authored “Twilight” after having a dream about a boy and a girl having a conversation in a sun-drenched meadow. While the girl was human, the boy was beautiful and sparkly and was trying to express to the girl that while he cared about her deeply, he also wanted to kill her.

Of course, this dream eventually became a chapter in Meyer’s debut book, “Twilight” and the boy and girl became Isabella “Bella” Swan and Edward Cullen. “Twilight” would go on to have three sequels: “New Moon”, “Eclipse”, and “Breaking Dawn” and these books would go on to serve as the basis for five highly-successful movies. But did Meyer make any other contributions to the Twilight movies aside from providing the source material?

Stephenie Meyer was consulted constantly for the ‘Twilight’ movies

In an interview with Middletown Transcript, Meyer revealed that she was consulted for her opinion quite a bit for the Twilight script. “They were really interested in my ideas, and I really didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.” the author shared. “They let me see it and said, ‘What are your thoughts?’ And I sent them back the script with red marks … stuff like, ‘Wouldn’t he say it more like this? Wouldn’t this sound more like her voice?’ I think they took 90 percent of what I said and incorporated it into the script.”

Meyer continued to act as a consultant for all five Twilight movies, giving her input on a whole host of ideas. Kristen Stewart has shared that Meyer had control over Bella’s wedding dress. Meyer even made a cameo appearance in two of the Twilight films. In Twilight, she can be seen working on a laptop in a diner that Bella and her father, Charlie, frequent. “Here’s your veggie plate, Stephenie,” the waiter declares before placing it in front of Meyer.

The author shares how she made her way into the cast

“They talked me into it,” Meyer shared about how she managed to end up making a cameo in Twilight. ‘They thought it would be cute for the fans, because lots of them would recognize me. So in the scene where Bella and Charlie are at the diner, and the waitress is asking what’s the news about Waylon’s murder, there is a woman sitting at the counter, and for some reason, the camera focuses on her for like a good five seconds. And you’re like, why are you looking at this person? And that was me.”

But Twilight isn’t the only time that fans of the movies can spot Meyer. Meyer also had a cameo in Breaking Dawn – Part 1. The author played a wedding guest at Bella and Edward’s wedding. She can be spotted briefly standing next to Seth Clearwater as Charlie is walking Bella down the aisle. If we want to see if you can spot the author for yourself, all five of the Twilight movies are currently streaming on Hulu.

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