ULRIKA Jonsson has revealed her dog Nessie has died and said she's "distraught and bereft."

The heartbroken 52-year-old star left a simple yet poignant message on her Instagram page alongside a picture with her pooch and said: "She's gone."

Ulrika has shared the devastating news her beloved dog has passed away.

A few days ago she warned fans of Nessie's battle.

She said: "Ma grande dame. My first born fur baby.
Has spent 48hrs at our lovely vet’s. She’s not going to win this battle. I’ve been beyond distraught and bereft. We will keep her at home as long as we can. My girl. #nessie"

She told fans how much she was struggling.

Alongside a make-up free selfie she wrote: "Difficult times.
For everyone. Not feeling it for all sorts of reasons."

"All those a**** out there who say 'stay strong' foolishly make the assumption you were strong from the start. "

"Some of us are not. Don’t feel the need to stay strong. Just stay.

Ulrika has been working on British TV since the late 80s and has hosted some of the biggest TV shows in the UK.

She first began as a weather presenter on TV-am in 1989 before progressing to entertainment shows.

She has been on our screens fronting popular shows since the 90s – having most recently appeared on Celebrity First Dates Hotel.

When she's off-screen the Swedish beauty has experienced a tumultuous love life.

She split from her third husband in April 2019 before exclusively revealing to The Sun that she had sex with him only once in eight years.

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