HBO’s hit sci-fi show Westworld has an impressive ensemble cast, and Evan Rachel Wood’s vengeful android Delores is very much the main character of the three seasons so far. Wood is set to return for Season 4, but has hinted that there might be a big difference with the character she is playing. Season 3 spoilers ahead!

Fans of the shows will know that Delores is killed at the end of Season 3, with her memory entirely wiped by the villainous Serac, played by Vincent Cassel. In a new interview with Variety, Wood suggests that she will play an entirely new character in Season 4.

“All I know is Dolores, as we know it, is dead,” she said. “And that is true. But as far as I know, I’m not leaving.” The article goes on to state that Wood “thinks” she is playing “another character” on the show, but doesn’t know exactly who or what.

Nevertheless, the star admits that playing Delores, whose goal throughout Seasons 2 and 3 was liberation for the robotic “hosts” that have built been by humans. “I’ve been on such a journey with her,” she said. “And it’s influenced my own life, and changed me as a person.”

There’s currently no news on when Westworld Season 4 will premiere. The season has yet to start production, and Wood states that it’s unlikely to be before everything is “functional.” However, fans are used to fairly long waits between seasons. There was a two year gap between Seasons 2 and 3, so Season 4 is unlikely to be released before 2022.

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