• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

‘Where is Boris Johnson?’ Ruth Langsford furiously hits out at PM over fuel crisis chaos

Sep 28, 2021

Fuel crisis: Ruth Langsford questions 'where is Johnson?'

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Host Ruth Langsford was joined by panellists Janet Street-Porter, Brenda Edwards and Katie Piper on Tuesday’s Loose Women. The first topic of conversation was the ongoing fuel crisis in the UK and whether those panic buying were “selfish”. This Morning’s Ruth blasted Government ministers for blaming motorists and instead questioned why the public hadn’t heard from Boris Johnson. 

Introducing the topic, Ruth began: “Staring today with the petrol fuel crisis. 

“Some queues are now stretching for miles up and down the country as people are being accused of panic buying fuel. 

“Many petrol stations have now been forced to close, there have been fights on forecourts and many drivers have even slept in their cars in their desperation to fill up. 

“Now the shortage is apparently not due to a lack of fuel but a shortage of HGV drivers.”

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“So is it selfish to panic buy as some people are calling it – I don’t always call it panic buying, I just think people are doing what they always do which is I always fill up on a Monday or I’ve got to go to wherever and immediately it’s like the blames on us.”

Ruth asked: “Where are the Government ministers? Where’s Boris Johnson?

“Where is our Prime Minister to come out and assure people that it isn’t a crisis? Where is he?”

“Well he’s saving the environment,” Janet quipped before Brenda added: “You can’t save the environment in this queue, the amount of people that had their engine on. What kind of environment are we saving?”

Janet said: “I used petrol driving, as the Government told me in some bulletin yesterday, ‘Don’t go to petrol stations in towns or on motorways go to the countryside.’”

“I was driving around the countryside with my sat-nav looking for a small town that had a petrol station where I did find one with a queue of only two people,” she continued. “But I’m using fuel doing that.”

Ruth interjected: “Then you might get the people that live in the rural areas saying, ‘Don’t do use our petrol!’

“Watch this space I don’t think this is over yet but it would be nice to hear a bit more from the Government.”

“I’d like to see Boris’s plan which would be a first,” Janet remarked. 

Earlier in the debate, Janet argued: “We don’t want to be patronised by some government minister that’s got a ministerial car telling us that we’re panicking when all we’re trying to do is plan, especially at the weekend, how we’re going to get through the week’s work.

“And when this all kicked off, I was in Norfolk, I had people staying with me who had driven hundreds of miles, and they were immediately thinking, ‘Well how are we going to get some petrol’ and I was thinking, ‘How am I going to get back to London to work? 

“So yesterday I went to five petrol stations because there was no diesel.”

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“Don’t all phone in and complain that I’m driving a diesel car, I am driving a diesel car,” she explained. 

“And now I’m thinking, ‘Well, when the petrol gets below half, what about getting back [to Norfolk]?

“I think people are behaving the way they normally do, and anyway, the Government knew months ago that they weren’t enough HGV drivers.

Ruth added: “Oil companies are saying it’s not a petrol shortage, it’s a shortage of HGV drivers.”

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