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Where is the Bridge Cafe in The Apprentice and is it real? – The Sun | The Sun

Jan 5, 2023

THE Apprentice cafe has become almost as famous as Lord Sugar's boardroom.

Here we take a look at where the candidates on the losing team go to drown their sorrows and talk through their decisions from the day.

Where is The Apprentice losers' cafe?

Fans of The Apprentice may be surprised to hear that these gloomy scenes are actually filmed in two London cafes.

La Cabana cafe which is located in Willesden, North-West London has been used much more in recent years.

The second cafe, which is more commonly associated with those famous moments of dread, is Bridge Cafe, in West Acton, West London.

The full address is Bridge Cafe, Westfields Rd, London W3 0AP.

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It's owned by two chaps, Frank and Gerry, and is a far cry from the glitz and glamour of the City and Canary Wharf.

The simple spot comes complete with tiled walls and bars on the window.

Is it real and can I visit?

Should you want to recreate the anxiety-filled moments before the losing team go back into the boardroom to face the music, you can.

Both of the cafes are real and have become a bit of a tourist attraction.

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The Bridge Cafe was previously the dining establishment of choice for cabbies and builders, but now fans of the show flock there in their droves to take selfies in "The Apprentice Cafe".

The Bridge Cafe sports a solid 4.5-star review from its visitors, just shy of La Cabana NW10s stellar 4.8-star rating on Google.

La Cabana serves traditional English breakfasts and classic British grub and is open 6 am until 4 pm.

Both of the cafes are close to the studios where filming for The Apprentice takes place.

When is The Apprentice on TV?

The Apprentice kicks off TONIGHT (January 5, 2022) at 9 pm on BBC One.

The new series will broadcast weekly and will see former winner Tim Campbell once again join as one of Lord Sugar's aides.

He will stand in for Claude Littner who will only appear for two episodes due to medical reasons.

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