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Who is Finn O'Connor in Hollyoaks and when was Keith Rice last in the soap?

Jun 24, 2019

Finn O’Connor is set to make a returnn to Hollyoaks after being released from prison.

The controversial character was locked up back in 2015 and not much has been seen of him since then.

His return could also cause problems for Laurie Shelby (Kyle Pryor) after he received a visit from Diane (Alex Fletcher).

Here is everything that you need to know about Finn ‘O’Connor and when he was last on the soap.

Who is Finn O’Connor in Hollyoaks?

Finn was first introduced to the soap in 2010 as a student at Hollyoaks High, along with his step-mum Diane and his sister Sinead.

The character was originally played by Connor Wilkoson and he builds up a relationship with fellow student Amber (Lydia Lloyd-Henry), and she later becomes pregnant.

She later gives birth to a daughter called Bella, and Finn decides to leave and go live with his dad Rob.

The character then returned to Hollyoaks in 2013, now played by Keith Rice, and he soon gets run over by Robbie Roscoe and Callum Kane.

He later agrees to rob Price Slice, along with Robbie and Callum, but things go wrong and Robbie ends up shooting Callum and Finn flees the scene.

Later in 2013 Finn and Robbie start to terrorise John McQueen (James Sutton), who works as a teacher at Hollyoaks High.

Finn later attacks him by hitting him on the head with an ornament and he then rapes him, and he manages to get away with it and get John Paul into prison.

Later he tries to rape Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox), and she later recognises Finn’s aftershave and accuses him of being her attacker.

Jhon Paul and Robbie later support the claims, and their witness statements help police to take Finn to trial.

A forensics swab also helped build evidence against Finn, and he is found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison.

When was Keith Rice last on Hollyoaks?

Keith had originally left the soap in September 2015 after Finn is given his prison sentence.

Keith Rice later made a one-off appearance in the soap as Finn O’Connor in February 2017 when he is visited in prison by his step-mum Diane.

He is now set to return to the role with Finn’s impending release from prison.

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