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Who is Hollyoaks grisly newcomer Norma?

May 2, 2022

MAKING her first appearance in Chester on Friday, Norma Crow is a new force to be reckoned with.

But who exactly is the new Hollyoaks villain? Get the lowdown on the terrifying criminal.

Who is Norma in Hollyoaks?

From serial killer Silas Blisset to drug dealer Brendan Brady, Hollyoaks has seen many a villain settle in – but none perhaps quite matched Norma aka The Undertaker.

The Channel 4 soap introduced the brand new villain during Friday's (April 29, 2022) instalment.

Norma is giving Sienna Blake, Ste Hay and Ethan Williams a run for their money as she's the latter's dangerous boss and has arrived in the Chester village with a score to settle.

While Hollyoaks fans know that Ste and Sienna have a lot to hide secretly stealing money and are struggling to pay it all back, The Undertaker had to get her own answers and wasted no time in making her first victim.

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Who did Norma kill in Hollyoaks?

As mentioned above, one character in Hollyoaks suffered a brutal demise following Norma's arrival.

After their dodgy dealings and upon hearing that Ethan's boss was in town, Ste and Sienna were worried Norma would go after them.

Fans were initially worried as it appeared that Sienna was the planned victim when Norma went on the warpath over her missing money.

However, Ethan stepped forward to take her place – but, in true Hollyoaks fashion, there was a twist added into the mix.

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Ethan, Sienna and Ste were all stunned when fellow newcomer Asher Jones was actually killed off.

Asher (portrayed by Joe Mallalieu) was Norma's accountant and secret lover.

He was recently seen piling the pressure on to Sienna, Ethan and Ste about getting the money back to Norma before a crucial deadline.

Much to the surprise of fans and characters, The Undertaker shot Asher dead.

Who plays Norma in Hollyoaks?

Thankfully, Norma is only a villain in Hollyoaks and South African actress Glynis Barber was chosen to portray her.

This wouldn't be the first time she plays in a soap as she has also appeared in EastEnders as Glenda Mitchell and Emmerdale as DCI Grace Barraclough.

Glynis recently spoke about her character to Digital Spy, claiming Norma was a "very, very dangerous woman."

"Norma is a gangster and she has a criminal empire", the actress said.

"I'm still not quite sure how big this empire is, but I'm presuming it is quite extensive. She is, I would say, a very, very dangerous woman."

"Norma has infiltrated the police. When she gives a threat, she does actually mean it, and she will follow through."

Glynis mentioned the part was offered to her by Hollyoaks bosses even before she could audition for the role.

"They actually offered it to me. Hollyoaks has sort of come my way, as they have approached me over the years but it never really felt quite right."

"But then they mentioned this character and she sounded very interesting. I saw some scripts and I thought: 'Oh, yes, yes, yes. I definitely want to play that part'."

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But what will Norma have in store for Sienna, Ste and Ethan?

Hollyoaks airs on weekdays on Channel 4 and E4.

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