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Wretch of a woman! Anita Dobson unrecognisable in new ITV drama The Long Call

Oct 26, 2021

Anita Dobson discusses her character in drama The Long Call

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The Long Call is a new ITV drama series that follows a murder investigation after a body is found on a beach in North Devon. Anita Dobson stars in the crime drama alongside Ben Aldridge. In a recent interview on Lorraine, Anita opened up about her experience playing Grace Stephenson in the series, noting how the character will “always be inside” her.

Christine Lampard was presenting Lorraine on Tuesday morning and welcomed Anita onto the programme to chat about the new drama.

Keen to know more about the show, Christine quizzed the actress about her character.

“Your character Grace, she’s very compassionate, but you can see there are a lot of issues,” Christine said.

Anita agreed, explaining: “She’s very damaged, she’s a wretch of a woman really.

“She’s in a very dark place and she can’t get out. She’s sort of in a limbo land,” the actress said.

Christine added: “And you kind of feel straight away – you just feel sorry for her. That’s kind of how I felt.

“When you finished filming, Anita, you actually kind of took away a bit of Grace with you didn’t you?” she said.

Anita revealed: “I’m still wearing the wedding ring that I wore as Grace. I loved her so much.

“I loved playing her, but I sort of fell in love with the character. I think she’ll always be inside me, a little part of me.

“There are certain parts that you play [that] stay with you forever and Grace is definitely one of them,” she said.

After watching the first episode of the drama on Monday night, some fans confessed that they didn’t recognise Anita.

Many viewers took to Twitter to comment on her altered appearance in the series.

“Did not know that was Anita Dobson #TheLongCall,” @thebebbo said.

@juneh49 added: “I didn’t recognise Anita Dobson #TheLongCall.”

“Wait a minute I’ve just realised that was Anita Dobson #thelongcall,” @RaymondSouthorn wrote.

“Wouldn’t have recognised Anita Dobson #thelongcall,” @Surfingspaniel commented.

The Long Call is based on a book by Ann Cleeves, the author of popular detective drama Vera.

The drama series is airing on ITV and explores not only an impossible murder case but also the turbulent background of the main character Detective Inspector Matthew Venn (played by Ben Aldridge).

Throughout the series, Matthew juggles a challenging investigation while also coping with emotional reunions with estranged family members as he returns to his home town.

Meanwhile, viewers see Grace (Anita Dobson) struggle to cope with her controlling marriage.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9:30am on ITV and The Long Call airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV.

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