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Younger Recap: Splitting Up Together

Jun 27, 2019

The looks on Liza and Kelsey’s faces say it all: No one in the publishing industry can be trusted. While the first two episodes of Younger‘s sixth season hinted that several characters have been keeping secrets from the Millennial duo, Wednesday’s installment confirmed those suspicions, leaving two of the show’s core couples in serious limbo.

Let’s start with Quinn, who apparently bought her book’s way onto The New York Times‘ Best Seller list via massive bulk orders and an unstoppable army of Chinese Twitter bots. Despite Quinn’s insistence that her intentions were pure, Kelsey wasn’t having any of it. (“Integrity still means something in publishing,” argued the woman who has slept with multiple authors in her company’s stable.) But rather than exposing Quinn’s misdeeds, which would only cause further damage to Millennial’s reputation, Kelsey chose to surprise everyone by announcing Quinn’s California Senate bid early. Claws out, indeed.

Meanwhile, Liza discovered that — for once — she wasn’t the person keeping the biggest secret in her relationship. The first red flag came when she found a six-figure bank loan on Charles’ dining room table, which she dismissed as none of her business… until it literally started affecting her business. Charles and Zane’s clandestine meetings have apparently been about forming a new publishing company, and they’ve already outbid Millennial for a huge new book. (We’d say that Kelsey thusly regrets having sex with Zane this week, but it seems hard to imagine anyone regretting that.)

In fact, the only couple being completely honest at this point is Josh and Claire, who wisely decided to co-parent their baby without reuniting romantically. As Claire said, “We keep trying to force ourselves together — for a green card, for a baby — and although those seem like good reasons, they’re not the right ones.” This inspired Josh to do something we don’t think we’ve ever seen on TV, as he got down on one knee and formally asked Claire, “Will you divorce me?” (She said yes!)

And then there’s Maggie, who was so traumatized from witnessing Claire in labor that she hasn’t been able to think about lady parts the same way since. Fortunately, Lauren introduced her to a helpful healer named Beth (played by Empire‘s Nicole Ari Parker), who offered a private lesson to get Maggie “reacquainted” with the female form. And judging by that sidewalk smooch, we’d say the mission was accomplished.

Now that we know Liza and Kelsey’s inner circle is crawling with garbage monsters, how are you feeling about the show’s many tenuous relationships? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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